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Our approach is consultative, our solutions are agnostic, and our method is to work closely and collaboratively with our clients. We develop customised unified communications and audio visual technology solutions that solve business challenges, enhance collaboration and connect dispersed workforces, all with the aim of equipping our clients to be more successful today and be better prepared for tomorrow.

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Understanding the users, their wants, needs, and challenges.

The discovery process is fundamental to the success of any unified communications or audio visual project. It allows us and key client stakeholders to understand the users, what they want, need and envisage, and uncover and understand underlying problems and challenges. Obtaining this information early on allows us to set the foundations for the project, and provides the clarity to enable us to work together to strategically determine focus, success criteria and desired outcomes.

The discovery process is typically a 3-pronged approach and involves engaging with all levels of the organisation with little to no disruption and requires minimal time investment.

Site Audit and/or Review of Proposed Floor Plans and Designs

The purpose of reviewing the built environment, and how spaces are used or planned to be used, and how users interact with spaces, is to align our knowledge and experience with the unique operation of our client’s organisation, its culture and its workflow.

In the instance our client is already occupying a space, we review office layouts and people flow, meeting and conference rooms, training rooms, common and breakout areas, presentation spaces, entry and reception areas and everything in between.

When a client engages us prior to fit-out, we work to understand the vision of the new space and how it's intended to be used, along with how spaces in their existing environment are used and interacted with.

An important component of this stage is to review all existing technology, what works and what doesn’t, and flag anything that could be retained or repurposed.

End User Surveys

Following site audits, using our online survey tool we develop a series of questions and forward to a client-specified user group. The questions include those that are general in nature, which experience has taught us will uncover valuable information, together with questions that relate specifically to the client’s industry and unique organisation.

This is a valuable step in the process as it offers an end user perspective and paints a picture of their experience, which may not always be clearly understood if the engagement sits at middle or C-level management.

The questions posed may relate to any of the following:

  • Desktop communication and collaboration experience
  • Internal and external communication workflows
  • Meeting and conference room experience
  • Time and travel
  • Workplace environment
  • Must-haves and nice-to-haves
  • Unique use cases
  • Support and escalations
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Accessibility
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We collaboratively build out the project framework and determine success criteria and outcomes.

Once data from the audit(s) and surveys has been collated and summarised, we present this to the client accompanied by project direction and focus recommendations, and some initial design suggestions. We then collaboratively build out the project framework and determine success criteria and outcomes. From there things begin to take shape.

Our in-house engineering team works with our consultants to design an end-to-end solution that encompasses all aspects of the project and the client’s requirements, including hardware and component selection, software and application selection, system design, user interface design, aesthetics and more. Following further consultation with the client, we refine the design to a point that, when applicable, a PoC (Proof of Concept) can be planned and implemented for testing and to gauge real-world feedback. This feedback typically results in some minor tweaks and changes, and readies the design for the install phase.

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We're absolute sticklers for attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Merge’s experienced project team are well versed in successful and professional project delivery. With Senior Project Managers, install technicians and engineers on the ground in Sydney and Melbourne, and a network of experienced delivery partners spanning not just Australia but the globe, we have the skills and knowledge to efficiently and effectively implement even the most complex communication and audio visual systems across multiple sites and locations.

Our installation process is methodical, and being absolute sticklers for attention to detail and customer satisfaction, we maintain ongoing communication with the client through the duration of the project to ensure expectations are exceeded and all success criteria are met.

Together with onsite implementation, we believe equally important components of the delivery process are education and change management, which is why our Customer Success Team get involved early on to assist with application configuration and administrator training, along with onboarding and end user education by way of customised training sessions delivered both online and in person.

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Choose from a range of support structures

Following completion and handover of the project, our clients have the choice of a range of support structures. From a proactive Managed Service through to reactive break fix, our support team is ready with the skills and expertise to ensure systems are optimised and downtime is minimised. If the type of service or level of support qualifies for a dedicated Customer Success Manager, ongoing training for admins and end users is also included along with regular system health and account reviews.

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We use products from the world’s leading manufacturers of technology to bring an unrivalled solution to your business.

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