Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience Centres

Witness the art of the possible for hybrid meetings and conference spaces
Man on a Microsoft Teams meeting on his laptopMan on a Microsoft Teams meeting on his laptopMan on a Microsoft Teams meeting on his laptop
Merge Technologies is a certified Microsoft Teams Rooms Partner with a proven track record in the design, deployment and management of modern workplace technology.

Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed to empower people working remotely and those in the office with a video conferencing meeting room solution native to the Microsoft ecosystem.

In order to demonstrate all that's possible with Team Rooms, we have invested in experience centres at our Sydney and Melbourne locations for clients to visit and immerse themselves in the latest technology that integrates with the Teams platform.

Why Microsoft Teams Rooms?


Foster inclusive and interactive team meetings for everyone, regardless of where they are.

Easy to use

Deliver consistent Teams experiences designed to make collaboration easy and hassle-free.


Turn any shared space into a Teams Room with a wide selection of devices and features to fit every need.

VR design tool

Designed in VR

Leverage our virtual reality design tools to visualise and fine tune your spaces before making the investment.

What is the Merge Technologies experience centre for Microsoft Teams?

The Merge Technologies experience centre for Microsoft Teams is a dedicated specialised facility designed to showcase and demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Teams. It offers hands-on experiences, personalised consultations, and practical insights into how Microsoft Teams can enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity within organisations. The experience centre provides an interactive environment where businesses can explore and understand the benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams into their operations.

What set ups are available that can I view?

Crestron, Neat, QSC, HP Poly, Logitech, Commbox, & Yealink. (Yealink currently only in Melbourne).

If the brand you wish to test out is not listed, feel free to make a note of this in the booking form and we will try to work with our partners to get the set up available*.

*Note: requests are not guaranteed and will depend on timings of the booking request plus unit(s) availability.

Are there live demonstrations available?

Yes, live demonstrations are available at our experience centres. These demonstrations aim to provide a hands-on look at the features and functionalities of Microsoft Teams, allowing businesses to see how it can enhance their collaboration and productivity.

Are there experts available to answer questions and provide guidance?

Yes, experts are available at our experience centres to answer questions and provide guidance. They offer personalised consultations to help businesses understand and maximise the benefits of Microsoft Teams.

How can I schedule a visit to the experience centre?

To schedule a visit at one of our experience centres, you can contact our support team via the following:
- Phone 1800 648 123
- Email
- Or use the online booking system here.

Can I bring a group or team from my organisation for a visit?

Yes, you can bring a group or team from your business for a visit to the experience centres. Group visits can be arranged by arranging in advance to schedule an appointment.

What kind of industries or use cases does the experience centre cater to?

Our experience centres caters to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, education, manufacturing, and retail. It demonstrates use cases tailored to different sectors, showcasing how Microsoft Teams can improve collaboration and productivity across various business environments.

How do I get there?

Our main experience centres are located at Lane Cove West** (NSW) and Spotswood (VIC). Addresses are listed below.

**Note: If you are driving to Lane Cove West (NSW), we are located within ARC Lane Cove Business Park. There are signs out the front of the complex that show the 'ARC' signage and branding.
Look for "Level 2 Entry" to enter straight up the ramp and follow the map below.
For your convenience, click this
Google Maps link here - which will take you to the ramp of entry.


202/16 Orion Road,
Lane Cove West,
NSW 2066


9/83 Simcock Avenue,
VIC 3015

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