Hybrid Workplace Management

We create cohesive workspace management solutions that enable a seamless and connected experience for the modern hybrid workforce.

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Neat spaces meeting room with Zoom devices and user interfaceNeat spaces meeting room with Zoom devices and user interfaceNeat spaces meeting room with Zoom devices and user interface

The solutions that we design, and deliver are focused on solving the increasing number of challenges that are arising as staff split their time between home and the office. This new way of working is requiring organisations to rethink their workflows entirely and is also changing the way the office is used and how time there is spent. With the right ecosystem of technology staff will remain connected, engaged and agile, leading to happier employees, higher employee retention and maximised productivity.

Neat Zoom scheduling device mounted outside meeting room

Room & Desk Scheduling

In today’s hybrid workplace, people come and go on different schedules. To keep everyone working efficiently and productively, it’s essential to integrate room scheduling into your workplace design.

Visitor Managment & Virtual Reception

Automate check-in processes, reduce administrative tasks and save time for visitors and employees. Our team will work with you to ensure you present a modern and professional image to your clients.

Technology Adoption & Change Management

We work with our clients to carefully select, implement, and utilise new technologies to improve business processes, productivity, and outcomes. More importantly though we focus on the human side of technology adoption by addressing the challenges, resistance, and impact of technological changes on individuals and the organisation as a whole. Through planning, communication, training, and stakeholder engagement, we’re with you for the entire journey.

Monitoring, Analytics & Planning

Provide insights into workplace utilisation, identify areas for improvement, and inform decision-making by implementing data-driven tools and strategies to monitor, analyse, and plan for the effective operation of a hybrid work environment.