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Providing finance across our entire range of solutions makes it easy for you to get the technology you need, when you need it.

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We offer a broad range of competitive finance solutions to suit all of our products and can tailor these to fit. Want to know the best part? Whether you choose Merge ICT to provide one or all of our solutions, it will only require a single agreement which generates a single monthly invoice.

We can help also with any other finance requirements your business may have. Whether it be for shiny new office furniture, a new fitout or any other technology purchases, we offer the same high level of service that you’re used to.

Outright purchases vs finance.
What's best for your business?

Conserve Capital

Your cash won’t be tied up in equipment costs. Financing frees up cash for more strategic investments, or for the innovation required to grow your business.

Total Solution Financing

You can finance 100% of your equipment costs in addition to soft costs such as implementation, support and maintenance, software, and services. We can also include funding for many non-Merge ICT products and services.

Fixed Payments

A fixed monthly or quarterly payment helps you to predict and manage budget over the long term.

Cashflow Management

Pay for the solution(s) as the revenue or productivity benefits are realised, not before. This allows alignment of in-flows with out-flows.


Structure payments to suit your budget. We offer a variety of traditional and customised structures to meet your needs.

Avoid Obsolescence

Financing offers the flexibility to upgrade to new technology to match your current and future business needs.

Off-balance Sheet Financing

This financing structure may allow your business to maintain compliance with existing bank and loan covenants, stay within capital budget constraints and improve certain financial ratios.

Purchase and Renewal Options

Financing provides you with end of lease options and the ongoing flexibility to return, purchase, or upgrade your equipment as business needs and landscape inevitably change.

Stop wasting time with old technology.

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