“I’d highly recommend Merge, they’ve been great. They’ve been more than willing to work with us in an agile manner in the development of our classrooms.

"They’re committed to understanding our goals in developing our systems here at ICMS. They worked hard to fully understand what is was that we wanted to deliver to our students."

- Ian W, Information Technology Department at ICMS

Reimagine your workplace

"Working with Merge means we work smarter, not harder.

"From meeting rooms, board rooms and huddle spaces, our workspaces are ready to go anytime, every time."

- Dai P, Secure Code Warrior IT Manager

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Other Testimonials

Merge Technologies can helped organisations from a range of industries achieve operational efficiency in the workplace.

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"The Merge team was great, paying attention to every little detail of our install. They even predicted potential future issues and were so thorough, very impressive!"

- John, Corporate IT Manager

the difference solutions merge technologies provides
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"Merge Technologies really helped bring our operations to the next level. With most of our office staff working from home now, we had to ensure all our meetings rooms were top notch. It's almost as if our remote workers are now in the meeting room itself with all the kit we've got. Very satisfied."

- Smith, Manufacturing Head of IT

the different solutions and services merge technologies can provide
the different solutions and services merge technologies can provide
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"Just wanted to give a shout out to lads from yesterday. They both did solid work, kept a clean workspace and provided a very tidy solution.
The guys deserve a shout out for work well done!"

- Nick, E- Commerce IT Director

the different solutions and services merge technologies can provide
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"Whether it's filming surgery for education purposes or fitting out displays for our waiting rooms, Merge has really helped bring our hospital's operations functions more effectively than ever. They were safe, thorough, and adhered to all the health protocols during their integration."

- Sarah, Health VP of IT

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"As a government entity, we meet with external clients and internal clients on a regular basis, so our meeting rooms need to be top notch ready anytime, every time. Merge created a very thorough solution to meet our needs, and all systems are go."

- Kate, Government IT Manager

the different solutions and services merge technologies can provide
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"When all our students went online, we needed to make classes more engaging and interactive to ensure all students were equal in the classroom. Tools such as the Catch Box and interactive digital whiteboards have assisted greatly with this. It's almost as if our remote students are right next to us."

- Olivia, Education IT Director

the different solutions and services merge technologies can provide

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