Neat Video Hardware Solutions Now Compatible with Microsoft Teams

Neat's video hardware solutions now supports Microsoft Teams for a seamless, immersive video conferencing and collaboration experience.
July 11, 2023

Neat's video hardware solutions now supports Microsoft Teams for a seamless, immersive video conferencing and collaboration experience.  

Neat board neat pad neat bar neat  bar pro and microsoft teams

While some hardware solutions may be limited to one video conference platform, Neat is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms. Previously, Neat hardware solutions could only be used with Zoom Rooms. For more information on choosing which video conferencing platform would suit your organisation best, read our previous blog.

With Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet each having their own unique advantages, many businesses may choose to use multiple video conferencing platforms. This is often driven by the need to communicate with external organisations using different platforms.  

CEO of Neat, Simen Teigre said:  

"Neat has always focused on solving customer challenges in the meeting space, and we look forward to collaborating with Microsoft to deliver our unique experiences across a broader market to more businesses globally. By expanding Neat's support to Microsoft Teams users, customers now have greater flexibility with their choice of device and can enjoy the simple and delightful Neat experience that brings people closer together in a hybrid world."
hybrid workspace management animation work from the office, shop or home
Hybrid working has been essential for continuing business operations during the pandemic.

By utilising the Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms video conferencing platforms, Neat’s innovative video hardware can now serve a larger range of users.

General Manager of Microsoft Teams Devices, Ilya Bukshteyn, said:  

"We’re pleased to welcome Neat to the ecosystem of partners building devices Certified for Microsoft Teams. We look forward to working closely with Neat to deliver great Teams experiences across their full range of devices later this year."

Advanced Capabilities

What differentiates Neat from other video hardware solutions is their advanced capabilities and unique products matched with a simple and intuitive user experience.

Merge recently worked with one of Melbourne’s larger councils to roll out 7 Neat Boards, all with Neat Pads, across their various meeting spaces.

Mark, the council’s Head of Network Infrastructure said:

"So glad we decided on the Neat Boards, they are so easy to run. If you have the ability to schedule a Zoom meeting you already have the skill set to use the Neat Board!"

All Neat devices come with various cutting-edge features including:

Neat Symmetry

In many video conference meetings, employees working remotely are often treated as second-class participants compared to their in-room counterparts. Neat Symmetry helps restore the balance between these two workers, presenting the in-room participants equally up-close on-screen, while individually auto framing each in-room participant. Neat Symmetry also auto tracks meeting room participants as if they have their own camera person. As a result, everyone is always seen and heard equally, no matter where they choose to work.

Neat Sense

Neat Sense

The Neat Sense feature refers to its smart room sensor technology that analyses how people use your meeting spaces, giving users valuable insights. This enables you to manage and monitor air quality, humidity, CO2 and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs are organic chemicals, odours, scents, etc.) and the number of people in the room, ambient noise and lighting conditions. Optimising these conditions will alert you of any issues that could be slowing down your meetings or insights on how to increase your efficiency during meetings.  

Neat Audio

The Neat Audio feature helps enable conversation flow without any interruptions or double talk issues, preventing a participant’s audio from being cut off if two people speak at the same time. This is often the case with collaborative meetings where more than one person may attempt to speak at once.  

Neat Bubble

The Neat Bubble feature helps suppress any unwanted background noise outside of the camera view. For example, if a participant is at the very back of a meeting room, as long as they are within sight of the camera and microphone range, you will still be able to hear them without being distracted by anything else.

Unique Products

Neat has various products, ranging from video soundbars, room controllers, scheduling displays and digital whiteboards.

Neat Bar

Neat Bar and Neat Pad

The Neat Bar is video soundbar bringing superior-audio and video to small meetings for up to 10 people in a simple, elegant and compact design. You can mount the Neat Bar above or below one or two monitors/ displays. With the dynamic audio visual performance, in-room and remote participants will be able to collaborate productively.

Neat Board

Neat Board mounted onto wall in a modern office

The Neat Board is a digital whiteboard with an immersive 65” multi-touch screen, built-in powerful audio system and versatile wide-angle camera. The Neat Board is the ultimate collaboration tool, with users being able make annotations and edits in real time whether they choose to work remotely or in the meeting-room.  

Neat Pad (Room Controller/ Scheduling Display)

neat pad room controller and scheduling display

The Neat Pad can be configured as a scheduling display or room controller, making your meeting experience as seamless and productive as possible.  

For more information on integrating Neat’s hardware solutions into your workspaces, email us using the contact form, and we will get back to you shortly.