Unveiling the Future of Collaboration: Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience Centre Launch

Highlights from the launch of our new Experience Centre in Lane Cove, Sydney. All things Microsoft, Crestron, Neat, MergeSPACES, & Collaboration Concierge
June 12, 2024

Unveiling the Future of Collaboration: Merge Technologies Launches Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience Centre, MergeSPACES, and Collaboration Concierge

We recently hosted an electrifying event, marking the launch of our ground breaking Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience Centre in Sydney. The event was a fusion of insights, innovations, and industry experts, making it a must-attend for tech enthusiasts and business leaders alike. On the day we announced our revolutionary 'as a service' program MergeSPACES, a concept poised to redefine the way organisations acquire, manage and leverage meeting room technology.

To learn more about MergeSPACES and be notified when it becomes available, register your interest here.

Our Director Marty Clark welcoming guests to the event
Marty Clark from Merge Technologies: Leveraging the Meeting Room Partner Program

Our very own Marty Clark, Director and Founder of Merge Technologies, took centre stage to shed some light on Merge Technologies’ achievement as a certified Microsoft Teams Rooms Partner, and how our clients benefit from our certification. His address on the Microsoft Meeting Room Partner Program underscored Merge's commitment to delivering seamless and intuitive collaboration experiences and highlighted our focus on continual service improvement. Marty's expertise and passion for innovation left a lasting impression, setting the tone for the event's ground breaking revelations for what’s to come in our rapidly evolving industry.

Interested in seeing what's possible with Microsoft Teams Rooms? Head here to book a tour of our new Experience Centres.
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Marty Clark opening the event with updates on our Microsoft partnership and an overview of MergeSPACES
Lee Edgerton: Exploring Intelligent Spaces with Microsoft Teams

Lee Edgerton, representing Microsoft, captivated the audience with his discussion on Intelligent Spaces powered by Microsoft Teams. From Copilot to Microsoft Places, Lee delved into the transformative potential of intelligent environments, igniting possibilities and sparking conversations about the future of workplace connectivity and collaboration.

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Lee Edgerton from Microsoft delivering powerful insights on all things Microsoft Teams
Max Davies: Navigating Market Dynamics with Crestron

Max Davies from Crestron steered the discussion toward the dynamic shifts within the current market landscape. He provided insights into the evolution of collaboration solutions and recent developments in technology as well as a look at future market predictions. Max further announced updates to Crestron’s portfolio including news on Microsoft Teams Certification of Flex Pods (speaker microphone system), new 1Beyond Cameras and updates to Crestron’s large room meeting equity solution: Automate VX. All of these updates reinforce Crestron’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

Tour bookings are now open at our Sydney and Melbourne locations for those interested in seeing all that's possible with Teams Rooms and Crestron. Head here to schedule a visit.
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Max Davies from Crestron provide an update on recent developments to the workplace technology landscape
Crestron's Teams certified Flex Pod and 1Beyond cameras

Jason MacBride: Revolutionising Hybrid Work Environments with Neat

Jason MacBride, representing Neat, focused on the company’s vision and mission; simplicity. The audience listened with intent on his vision for enhancing collaboration and productivity in hybrid work environments. With integrated video conferencing solutions and the prestigious Red Dot Design awards under Neat's belt, Jason emphasised the importance of seamless communication in driving business success.

Tour bookings are now open at our Sydney and Melbourne locations for those interested in seeing all that's possible with Teams Rooms and Neat. Head here to schedule a visit.
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Jason MacBride from Neat addressing the audience on optimising collaboration in hybrid work environments
Neat has received a total 11 RedDot Design Awards, and 6 of those in 2024!
Event Video Recap!
MergeSPACES: We’re Changing the Conversation

Amidst the flurry of insights and innovations, we unveiled MergeSPACES, a revolutionary consumption-based 'as a service' concept designed to transcend traditional boundaries associated with procuring, managing and upgrading meeting room technology. The launch of MergeSPACES promises to revolutionise the way organisations implement new technology by minimising risk and friction, and maximising value.

Register your interest here to learn more and be notified when MergeSPACES becomes available

The event was a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration excellence. With industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators converging under one roof, the launch of Experience Centre and MergeSPACES heralds a new era of collaboration possibilities.

Collaboration Concierge: Together We Can Change the Future of Work

At Merge, we have assisted businesses in developing and implementing video conferencing and collaboration solutions for almost a decade. During this time, we have gained unrivalled expertise in how people and technology can effectively work together.

Until now, our knowledge has been limited by resources and geographical constraints. However, our newly developed platform encodes all of our experience into an AI concierge, enabling us to be a true extension of your team, regardless of your location.

Our Collaboration Concierge understands the subtleties in each and every room, and combines our vast institutional knowledge with an understanding of how your unique teams, workflows and technology come together to deliver hyper-personalised and instant support, right into the hands of people in the room.

It works with end users to fill knowledge gaps, troubleshoot issues and even reboot systems when issues arise, saving time that would otherwise be spent waiting in queues. If the fault cannot be rectified, it will suggest an alternative room and automatically log a ticket with the service desk.

While others see rooms, we see opportunities. And through our concierge, we'll help you realise the full potential of every collaboration touchpoint, all with data-backed optimisation recommendations.

If we can help with your workplace technology and collaboration journey please reach out to speak to one of our friendly team members.

Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of collaboration innovation, empowering teams to thrive in the digital age!

Last updated: 06/06/2024

Grace Tran - Marketing & Communications Manager